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Take a look at the list of Forbidden Items to Store in a Self-Storage Unit


Just the same as any other industry the world of self-storage has its own set of rules about what you can and cannot store within a unit. Luckily, the list of things that you can’t store is much shorter than the list that you can. That’s why we have complied a concise list of some of the few things that are not permitted to be stored under any circumstance at Think Secure Storage.

No perishable foods or materials

Just think if you were to store a load of fresh meat in a container it would quickly go off and start to smell. Organic produce will give off a horrendous smell when it starts to rot and will put off and bother other self-storage customers. Due to this discomfort and hygiene reasons food and perishable goods are not at all permitted.

You cannot store gas canisters or any flammable items

Gas bottles or anything obviously flammable cannot be stored in a self-storage unit due to it containing dangerous chemicals.

You cannot store dangerous chemicals

If you have a vat of sulphuric acid for your furniture stripping business, we simply cannot have these items stored at our premises as it doesn’t comply with health and safety.

You cannot put live, dead or even just resting animals into storage

This is one of those restricted items that is extremely rare to see, it almost never happens but never-the-less it must be addressed as it is one of the items on the list. Under no circumstances can you put live animals into a self-storage centre and if you are found doing so, investigations will be done and necessary actions taken.


The storage of fireworks is a huge no-no. Our facility is very safe when it comes to risk of fire, but we will not under any circumstances accept fireworks. It is a hazard to others in case of accidently ignition and can potentially cause copious amounts of damage.

You cannot put illegal items into self-storage

Drugs are illegal and therefore under no circumstance can they be put into self-storage. Most staff at good storage centres are trained to keep an eye out for illegal items and would not hesitate to call the police should they think their premises were being used for illegal purposes. This also applies to firearms.

You will not be able to put something into storage that is stolen

Anything that has been stolen is not permitted to be kept in a self-storage unit. If a stolen item is found, the authorities will be notified and the owner of the unit will be persecuted.

Think inside the box, Think Secure Storage!

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